Not as such is the quick and trite answer. But you can be smart in the way you play which will increase your chance of winning a big jackpot.

Online slots are obviously weighted in favour of the casino. If they were not, there would be little incentive for casino operators to exist or indeed game makers to produce such a wide variety of great games.

Return To Player

The casino edge is often expressed as a Return To Player (RTP). Online, the RTP is often better than you might find in a casino, pub, or betting shop. That’s partly because the overheads that an online casino carry are lower than their real-world counterparts. They are not paying for an expensive building, heating, staff, etc… And also because there is a lot of competition out there amongst online operator.

When you see an RTP of, say, 95%, that means that the casino expects to keep 5p of every pound wagered, over the long-term. Of course, the slots are governed by chance and that means that you might come out with some really big wins, but ultimately it’s a maths game. Your big win will mean a loss for someone else. The casino will recover its edge over the long-term.

RTP rates can be as high as 98% on some games and in some casinos. This means that your money will go further. The same game might have a different RTP at different casinos, and that’s your first tip. If you find a game that you like playing, look at the RTP rate at a number of different casinos and see which offers the best. You can do this easily by clicking the help button at the bottom of each game, the RTP should be listed in the game rules.

Manage your money

The next thing to remember is manage your money! Set yourself a limit at the start of a session. Playing slots can be very exciting and a lot of fun but don’t play with money you haven’t got.

If you need to deposit in order to play, maybe stagger the deposit. For example, if you have set yourself a limit of £100, deposit £50, if things don’t go well then while you deposit the other £50, take stock and decide whether you might want to change games. Take a breath!

Look at your bet sizes. If you have a relatively small amount to play with, decrease the amount you are betting, you don’t always have to bet big to win big. If you win a good amount, maybe consider increasing your bet then. All slots allow you to choose how much you want to bet and you can vary this with each spin if you choose to.

What about winnings?

Well, just like setting yourself an amount to play with, it can be a good idea to set yourself a level at which you cash out. If things are going well it’s always tempting to keep playing, you are on a hot streak right? Well that’s part of the fun of course, but the slot is random. Chance, and just as quickly as you can be winning, you could be losing too.

Set your own limit and decide based on the kind of slot you are playing.

  • LOW VARIANCE SLOT: A slot that pays little and often, you might want to decide to cash out after winning 25% more than your starting budget (ie if you start with a budget of £100 and win £125). Maybe take your winnings and end the session.
  • HIGH VARIANCE SLOT: Few wins in regular play but big wins in the bonuses, your cash out level could be higher, maybe 50% of your starting budget.

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Of course, playing slots is fun and just like having a budget for a night out, you might decide to stretch things for as long as you can because you don’t mind paying for the entertainment. It’s up to you.

Give it a try at one of our trusted partners – and have fun!