Hi there, glad you could join us! Well it seems like plenty of you are enjoying our casino games reviews, which is great, and we’ve had some requests to explain how we arrive at our ratings. So I thought a quick video to explain might be useful.

We rate games across 4 categories and then award an overall rating at the end. Our Star ratings are all out of five, with five being the best.


First we rate ease of play. What we mean by that is how intuitive the game is to pick up and start playing without having to check things out on the help screens. Most game makers are pretty good now at testing games for playability so it’s rare that we are baffled. We have a bunch of experts in the office but we also ask less experienced slots players for their views too for this category.


Next, Volatility. This is probably the thing we get asked about the most, and basically it means how risky is it? Some people want lots of small wins regularly and often, because it allows them to play for longer on a small budget. Other players don’t mind waiting for a really big win that might take some time in coming. It’s quite a big subject this, and deserves a whole post to itself which you can read here. We rate volatility by looking at the balance of playing for longer, coupled with the excitement of big wins. It’s not purely scientific but it does give you an indication of how the slot compares to others.


Obviously this is subjective to an extent, but we look at how the slot looks across a range of devices, how well executed the artwork is and sometimes we are genuinely stunned at how beautiful the game looks.


We rate this based on two principle factors: How much you can win and the variety & inventiveness of the games within them. Remember, this is entertainment people! Of course we want to have the opportunity to win big but we also want to have fun doing it.


Finally the overall rating is kind of an average of the other ratings but because we don’t do half stars that means we round up or down and that in itself gives you a clue on how much we enjoyed playing it.

Anyway, hope that was helpful! Thanks for watching and we will see you again soon.