Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to the gambling world or an accomplished player, you might have a few questions which hopefully we will be answering below.

Is gambling online safe?

The short answer is yes, providing you do your research. There are some operators out there who play fast and loose with the rules, making it difficult to cash-out, or with levels of security that fall below standard. We don’t recommend them. All the operators on our site have been carefully vetted and offer the highest standards of encryption to keep your money safe as well as games that comply with the standards demanded by the regulators.

Regulation – Ensuring Online Casinos are fair

In order to operate legally, all online casinos must hold a licence from a regulator. Regulators are usually government controlled and are there in order to protect the players. Licences are not easy to get, operators must have checks and balances in place as well as very high standards of data encryption to keep players financial details secure. Regulators also ensure that the odds are as stated, in other words the house edge is as described for each game.

It is worth saying that Online Casinos usually offer better odds than their real-life equivalents. The Return To Player (RTP) is almost always better online than on the equivalent machine in a casino or slots hall.

All the operators we feature on our site are regulated, legal and have the highest standards of fairness and customer service. We play with them ourselves and that’s why we are confident to recommend them.

How Should you decide which operators to play with?

Well, first it’s important to check that the operator is legal and regulated. All the operators we feature have been checked by us so it’s a good idea to pick one operator on our site.

Secondly it’s worth having more than one account because the Return To Player (RTP) can vary for the same game across different operators. You can find out what the RTP is by clicking on the information icon in the game itself. Games makers offer a range of RTP values for their games and operators can then choose which they apply.

What does Return To Player (RTP) mean?

Return to player is the theoretical amount that a casino will pay out in winnings. An RTP of 95% for example means that for every £100 you bet, £95 will come back as winnings. The house edge then will be £5.

The RTP will be different for every game you play. For slot games, this can range from 93% RTP up to 99% RTP, so a bit of preliminary research can help ensure you are getting the best value for a particular game you are interested in. For other casino games like blackjack and roulette, the games tend to be more standardised. European Roulette for example has a theoretical return to player of 97.3%. For a game like Blackjack, where your decisions can affect the outcome, it is quite possible to get an RTP of 99%.

It’s important to understand that the RTP is based on mathematics and is calculated by the theoretical playing of thousands of hands. At any one time you might benefit from a much higher win ratio, at which point it’s probably a good idea to quit, conversely the casino might be ahead. It all depends on how long you play and the volatility of the game.

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What does Volatility mean?

Volatility is a description of risk and is often used to describe slot games. In simple terms, a low volatility slot will pay out little and often while a high volatility game will pay out less often but bigger when it does.

Can I play in my own currency?

Most operators will allow you to choose your preferred currency when you set-up your account. This is helpful as it allows you to avoid messy, fluctuating exchange rates and you can see at a glance what you are betting, winning or losing. For slots with progressive jackpots which operate across multiple sites, you can see current jackpots in your own currency at a glance.